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Christmas hope for Philippines kids


This Christmas, Good Samaritan Sisters in Bacolod city, the Philippines will be doing their best to deliver some joy to the children living on the streets and in squatter settlements who have been so hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic yet, despite it all, keep smiling.

The continuing impacts of COVID-19 have made everyday life even harder for these families. Many have been left without jobs or income and have no savings to fall back on.

We would love to have your help to bring them the joy of a Christmas meal and gifts for the children - all delivered by Sisters of the Good Samaritan and their helpers.  

All it takes is a small donation of $30 for a Christmas meal pack and gifts to be provided for an entire family - imagine the delight this will bring on Christmas Day!

Sir Anne Dixon, who lives in Bacolod city, the Philippines says:  

“The reality for the families is that if we didn’t give them what we give them they wouldn’t have Christmas celebrations. 

A special treat for families at Christmas is spaghetti – the pasta and the sauce. We can buy this in bulk for P93 (about $3), a bargain!

They also love tins of fruit and condensed milk to make fruit salad. Families who can’t afford spaghetti might have a loaf of bread and peanut butter. Otherwise it is the usual rice and fish.

With more than 650 children and 350 families that we are hoping to assist, we started our Toy Drive early this year. The children are hoping for small gifts ranging from a Barbie doll, a basketball or a (secondhand) bike!

We made a short video about what the kids want for Christmas, and they enjoyed helping to make it.

We would sincerely appreciate any help you can give.” 

Can you help by making a donation at this time? 

Your gift will be delivered in full to the families served by our Good Samaritan Sisters in Bacolod city, the Philippines. 

You can make your gift online, or if you would prefer to make your donation over the phone, please call us on 02 87525313.  

Wishing you and your loved ones a safe and very happy Christmas and a wonderful 2022. 

With thanks and blessings from all of us at the Sisters of the Good Samaritan Foundation.

PS, The link to view the video Sr Anne mentions above is here -  If you would a translation of what the childen say in the video, here it is:

At the beginning, D says;

"Welcome everyone. Today we are here in Boulevard to ask the children what Christmas means to them and to ask their Christmas wish."

The different toys they mention (in Ilonggo) are:

Hampangan - toy
Luto Luton-an - mini kitchen toy
Cellphone hampangan - toy cellphone
Lamesa - table, to play on.
bayo kag sandals - dress and sandals
Manika - doll
Lahog lahog - toy gun
Gusto...pandemic - I hope everyone will be safe from the pandemic.


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