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CINI Australia, Child In Need India

CINI Australia 2018 Christmas Appeal


In 2018 CINI Australia's impact in India has continued enhancing lives socially and economically through health, nutrition and education programs.

With your support, CINI Australia can continue to fund these empowering programs that are enabling entire communities to create positive, sustainable inter-generational change. 


Just in the last 6 months the CINI Australia-funded IICCHAA program has reached over 200 families effected by HIV/AIDs.  This reach has involved home visits, nutrition, health and hygiene support, community awareness, linkages with financial security support offered by local government schemes, education scholarships, housing assistance - the list goes on.

Hundreds more families have been affected by CINI Australia's Child Friendly Communities program.  This powerful impact is delivered in many ways including nutritional, health and hygiene support for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and malnourished children, self help groups supported by health workers tracking vulnerable households and adolesents learning about their rights to education and safety. Building empowerment and representation in local governement gives women a voice in determining the future of their communities.

The 2018 Christmas Appeal is the first of many vital steps towards reaching our 2019 program budget by March.

We would be very grateful if you could please share this and consider re-directing gift-givers to our cause in lieu of gifts this Christmas.

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Help CINI Australia, Child In Need India to reach their goal of $10,000


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