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CINI Australia, Child In Need India

CINI Australia Christmas Appeal 2020


Thank you for sharing your generous Christmas spirit with families in need in India.
As India continues to be severely affected by COVID-19,  your contribution to the Annual Christmas Appeal is more important than ever.
Make a donation in lieu of a Christmas Gift or choose it as your Secret Santa cause. Print your Gift Certificate or Secret Santa poster here

CINI Australia donations are now tax deductible.
CINI has a long history of launching innovative and targeted responses to disasters. COVID is no different. In March, the team quickly assessed the most pressing need: food. A huge response was mounted. Nutrimix* production was increased, food parcels packed and distributed to the most needy throughout the state. CINI is now responding to the increase in poverty, malnutrition, interrupted schooling and diminished safety of children.
Thanks to support from Australia, we are getting our programs back on track as COVID restrictions ease. Our 5 committed field workers are working across the 94 villages helping mothers get improved antenatal care, nutrition and access to safe childbirth.  
Focus on children's education is even more important after this prolonged interruption. CINI is developing education programs that children can access through their phones, and for those who have no phone, face to face support.
When children are out of school they miss more than their education. They are vulnerable to all kinds of exploitation, home alone or roaming the streets. As parent's income,s disappear, children are more likely to work to contribute to the family income. It is often difficult and dangerous. 

Adolescents girls are vulnerable and there is a predicted increase in underage girls forced into marriage as their families face financial difficultly.  CINI is making a huge effort to reach  young boys and girls, encouraging and educating them to find their way.
Thank you for your support in this time of need and goodwill.
(*Nutrimix is a highly nutritious food made from locally available products, with essential vitamins and mineral, designed and produced by CINI since 1974. It is a valuable source of nutrition supplement especially for babies, young children adolescents and mothers. It is now produced by CinnCom, a social enterprise of CINI)


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