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Coaching with Substance

Breakthrough Incubator Recovery Programs


'Youth Recovery Coaching for Substance Use and Misuse' targets marginalised young adults grappling with domestic violence, suicide ideation, body image and substance use and abuse issues in the Darling Downs, Brisbane Metro and Gold Coast region.

Recovery is the term used for programs for sobriety from Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) used by professionals in the industry.

Our program helps the young person:

  • halt the youth's addiction
  • reclaim a healthier self-image
  • develop life skills to realise their full potential 

Young people set up to three specific goals to improve their lives, and are given the skills, resources and encouragement to achieve them.

The program takes a holistic approach to recovery, allowing the young person to explore the areas of education, health and fitness, community, family, creative, business, relationship, spiritual, financial, career, emotional wellbeing and mental health.

The young person (12-25 years old) picks three specific areas to set a goal in, after all areas have been explored.

This helps them reclaim a sense of balance, be focused on fulfilment of goals, which would in turn enable them to look towards a better future, clean and sober.

Youths will be sought through networks with other organisations that help people suffering from substance abuse such as rehab centres, churches and other charities. 

Coaching With Substance will provide a coaching program that enables these young clients to plan for one or more specific and future oriented outcome/s in different areas of life so that they become a more balanced person.

Clients rate the level of their success at the end of the coaching to 75 -100%, according to how successful they felt they achieved a particular goal.

Long-term recovery, continued sobriety and positive improvements are the cornerstone of recovery coaching.

The initiative will be evaluated by the number of members that have maintained a level of sobriety over a five year period.

Longitudinal study will be observed of all consenting clients to enable us to study the efficacy of Recovery Coaching.

How will the funds be used?

To provide coaching to Young Adults (aged 12-25) and give the substance user, misuser and abuser (or client) practical and effective tools for recovery using principles of love, hope, forgiveness, faith and understanding.

Each client's coaching session is delivered at $90 per hour, for which a full and complete coaching program cost per client is $1080.

Funds will go towards a sessions or participation in our wellness hub initiatives or incubator programs, so that a client is able to complete a full 8-12 week coaching series.

The Coaching process is done through a series of 90 minute weekly sessions, twelve in total. The young client will assess their values and aims in life in the first session and choose three specific goals to work on for the coaching series.

The second session is about developing strategies and steps to achieve their self-defined goals, as well as looking at a further three to five secondary goals.

Sessions to three to eleven are action sessions where the strategy is put into motion and executed. The final session or session twelve is a celebration of goals and progress.

Clients self-evaluate their goals and are given positive counsel and accountability throughout the whole process.

As a charity or registered Public Benevolent Institution, we provide our services as funding becomes available.

Funding for this will help us extend our services to marginalised youth, which are in need of this type of results driven and focus oriented program.


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