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Cobaw Caravans - Giving young people the space they need to

You probably remember that being a teenager can be hard! It's also hard on parents.

Unfortunately, when things become really difficult, it might seem like the only option is for the teenager to leave the family home. However, if they aren't ready for this step they are at significant risk of long term homelessness and substance abuse.

   You can help a young person avoid the dangers of living rough by making a donation to the Cobaw Caravans program. The Cobaw Caravans program provides clean and habitable second hand caravans which can be parked in the back yard of the family home. This means the family remains intact, while the young person and their family also have some much needed space from each other.

Financial support from people like you has enabled Cobaw Caravans to operate 3 caravans and help nearly 30 young people in the Macedon Ranges region since 2007. However, the problem of youth homelessness continues to grow in this region, as it does around Australia.

With your help we will purchase additional second hand caravans and provide more young people with a safe space of their own - while remaining connected to their family. We will also ensure that young people and their families who participate in the program have access to support services like counselling, to ensure they remain off the streets.

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.