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Speaking up for greyhounds

Companions Not Commodities Inc

The culture of animal abuse and the overbreeding of dogs means that no amount of reform in the greyhound racing industry can achieve the animal welfare outcomes demanded by the Australian community.

Help us to continue to send the message to the lawmakers and the broader community that killing thousands of greyhounds for gambling EVERY YEAR is not ok.

The greyhound racing industry has been given plenty of opportunities to reform, and has failed at every turn. It's time this inhumane industry was shut down - nationally.

The overturn of the ban in New South Wales is disheartening, but it does now mean that unlike in other states and territories, the New South Wales industry will be dramatically scaled back, highly regulated and not financially viable for participants. It will indeed die a slow death. We now must not give up on exposing the cruelty of greyhound racing Australia-wide!

Our first billboard (pictured below) put the plight of greyhounds squarely in the public eye, and reminded hundreds of thousands of people that betting on greyhounds is not victimless fun.

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After New South Wales, Victoria is the largest greyhound racing jurisdiction in Australasia and actually outnumbers New South Wales in terms of the number of greyhound starters, total stake money paid, the number of licensed participants and the registered owners of racing dogs.

Between 5,000 and 6,000 pups are born annually, with at least 4,000 dogs killed before their 5th birthday EVERY SINGLE YEAR in Victoria.

In Victorian greyhound racing there were TWICE AS MANY people charged for live baiting than in New South Wales.

Despite all of this, and in contrast to New South Wales, greyhound racing has been able to proliferate with minimal public scrutiny in Victoria.

It's time for the cycle of breeding and killing, and for the cruelty to stop. Greyhounds deserve better.

Thank you for helping to give them a voice!

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