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Diaspora Blues 3CR Radiothon 2022

Supporting 3CR Community Radio

3CR Community Radio

Community Radio Federations Donations Fund

Hello, Diaspora Blues listeners and 3CR supporters!

We’re currently raising funds to meet our 3CR Radiothon target of $750. All money raised will go towards keeping 3CR on air.

Diaspora Blues launched in March 2020 - yes, during the start of Rona - and for the last two years, we have worked non-stop to bring you stories from culturally diverse communities.

Where else other than Diaspora Blues will you hear from a clown, a filmmaker, podcasters, a nurse, a henna artist and a sociologist!

None of this would be possible without the support of 3CR Community Radio. 3CR took a chance on us and gave us free rein to tell our stories in our own words.

We understand times are hard and not everyone can donate, but we'd be very grateful if you could share our crowd raiser with friends and family.

You can donate as little as $5 - every cent matters, and remember, tax donations over $2 are tax-deductible!


Diaspora Blues

Help to reach the goal of $750

$320 raised

Time left

Ends on 05/12/2022 at 5:00 PM

Donations Received

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Thank you! ❤️ 😀
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Logo Photo Hope Mathumbu
Logo Photo Bishaaro Faarax
Logo Photo aysha tea
Logo Photo Jasmeet Kaur Sahi
I love Diaspora Blues and what Ayan Shirwa and co creators achieve through this program and broadly through the ace 3CR programming! Wishing you all the best, always.
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Logo Photo Amina Farah

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