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Matthew Stapleton riding OROC2024

Supporting Rotary Club of Dubbo South Foundation

Rotary Club of Dubbo South Foundation

Tour de OROC supporting Macquarie Home Stay 2024

Hello, I'm Matthew Stapleton, and I'm passionately fundraising for the Macquarie Home Stay, an initiative powered by the Rotary Club of Dubbo South Foundation. This vital program provides a haven of comfort and affordable, quality accommodation for those undergoing medical treatments in Dubbo. Understanding the challenges faced during medical journeys, especially away from home, Macquarie Home Stay is more than just a place to stay; it's a support system for patients and their companions.

I'm inspired by the Rotary Club of Dubbo South Foundation's profound impact on countless lives. Their unwavering commitment has provided significant relief and support to many, yet the need for resources continues to grow. By donating to this CrowdRaiser, you're not just contributing; you're actively participating in a cause that changes lives. Every donation, big or small, is immensely appreciated and plays a crucial role in our mission to support those in need during their most challenging times.

Also, I would be very grateful for you to share the link to this CrowdRaiser page to your friends and family. The more people who can help the better!

Thank you