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A Camino Pilgrimage... for Bree

Supporting The Compassionate Friends Victoria Inc,

The Compassionate Friends Victoria Inc,

The Compassionate Friends Victoria Appeal

My beautiful daughter Brianna, or Bree as we all called her, passed away on March 17, 1999 aged just 3 years old. 

Many people would think that 20 years is long enough to be "over it" by now. 

The reality is that there will never be a moment where I don't desperately wish I could see her sweet face or know what she would look like as a young woman. 

In 20 years, I have grieved walking her to the gate for her first day of school and proudly seeing how "grown up" she is as she finishes primary school, before being terrified and excited about starting high school. 

I have grieved dealing with a teenage daughter, teaching her to drive and watching her walk on stage to celebrate the end of Year 12. I have especially grieved the birthdays where she should have turned 18, 21 and every other birthday she has missed out on and the birthdays yet to come. 

I have grieved the bright future she should be starting out on as she finishes Uni, the long chats as she tells me about a guy she likes and the fights over stealing my make-up. 

I am yet to truly grieve the knowledge that I will never see my daughter walk down the aisle and simply be the most gorgeous bride ever, just as I am yet to grieve never holding her children, but I know this will come.

To honour my gorgeous girl, I will be walking 800km across Spain on the Camino Trail, sharing Bree's story to help people understand and better support grieving families and to raise money for The Compassionate Friends (TCF). 

TCF quite simply saved my life. The support and understanding I received from people who understood the pain of losing a child made me feel normal for the first time in the three years since Bree had passed away. They gave me hope and taught me that building a life without my daughter in it didn't mean moving on and forgetting her. 

I want to raise money to say thank you to all the wonderful people at TCF who helped me learn how to continue a bond with my daughter and to ensure it continues to exist for other families needing this special care and understanding. Please help me reach my target. For all donations over $100, I will carry a photo of a loved one with me on the Camino and leave it somewhere special and send you a photo and message.

You can follow my journey on the Camino at

I would be very grateful for you to share the link to this CrowdRaiser page with your friends and family. The more people to help me realise my goal the better, but it also means more people to meet Bree. 

Much love



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We can’t stop the downpour but we can always walk together in the rain.. you are not alone! Big HUGS.. all the way!
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May Sian’s rainbows colour your Camino days, Karen. xxx
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Safe travels in memory of Bree
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For Bree
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Logo Photo Mirella Marcon
Logo Photo Mirella Marcon
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Karen, you're are an amazing and inspiring person. What you're doing for your gorgeous daughter Bree is a beautiful thing. You should be very proud. She will be with you every step of the way. I wish you all the best and take care. xx
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Dear Karen, you are amazing walking the Camino in honour of your beautiful daughter. I am sure she would be proud of you.
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In memory of both Bree and Dani, May they both walk with you xxx

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