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Israel Folau’s recent posts on social media state that the LGBTIQ+ community belongs with a group of sinners, drunks, liars, adulterers and thieves, who are destined for hell unless they repent. 

In a sermon uploaded to Facebook by his church he goes on to claim that the devil is behind 'kids in primary school’ who are questioning their gender, and condemns churches who say 'a man and a man should be able to be married’.

What should have ended with public condemnation of Israel Folau's hate speech against a vulnerable minority group has instead become a debate about Folau’s freedom of religion.

It has instead become a rallying cry for right-wing Christians who believe there is just too much ‘political correctness’, a mouth piece for critics of marriage equality and a cause for them to get behind by paying Folau’s legal bills so he can ride his ego all the way to the Supreme Court. 

When a public figure condemns LGBTIQ+ people in the media, in the name of religious freedom or not, they are normalising the prejudice, discrimination and homophobia that is a daily reality for many young people.

LGBTIQ+ youth in Australia experience homophobic or transphobic abuse due to their identity. 80% of this abuse occurs at school. As a result, LGBTIQ+ youth are 2x more likely to experience anxiety or depression and 3x more likely to attempt suicide.

If our heroes encourage us to turn away from the most vulnerable, should they really be our heroes anymore?

We want to send a message that the majority of Australians stand against bigots who attack our most vulnerable. We want to fight back and show that people do care. 

We want to raise $50,000 to support Minus18, an organisation that that supports LGBTIQ+ youth Australia wide.  

Will you give today to support vulnerable LGBTIQ+ youth and stand with us to show that Australians don't accept hate?

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