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Help Aurum Project go international at the HRI conference!

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Australian Homeopathic Health Research Appeal

I am raising funds for a representative of the Aurum Project to attend the HRI (Homeopathy Research Institute) Conference in the UK in June.

The Aurum Project has gained a poster position to present the findings from The National Homeopathy Survey at the HRI Conference.


The National Homeopathy Survey’s goal is to understand the diversity of practice for professional homeopaths in Australia. The study is being conducted by the Aurum Project.


We need at least one person standing next to the poster to take people through the findings. But we need more funding to make that happen. Please support the Aurum Project's work on research by donating to my CrowdRaiser, we appreciate every cent received. 


We need Australian Research on homeopathy, and we need data to show who we are helping and what we are helping to treat in our practices.

We need positive homeopathy reports and published research outcomes to show people the benefits this approach has for many health conditions people experience. It is a method that integrates with other medical approaches. It acknowledges the sytematic and holistic nature of life and is implemented in practice with that understanding. It is truly functional and integrative of the body and mind.

The difference homeopathy has made to the lives of so many people is simply extraordinary. I know there are many others who would benefit from this form of treatment if only they knew more about it.

Results from this First National Survey will help in sharing this important information with people and scientists, policy makers and influencers.

But we need more funding to make this happen. Please support this work by donating to my CrowdRaiser, as I know every cent received will be appreciated and used wisely. And I will be very grateful for your contribution too!

Also, I would be very grateful for you to share the link to this CrowdRaiser page to your friends and family. The more people who can help the better!

Thank you



The $2,100 in funds needed to get to the UK is for the following:

  • $600 conference registration
  • $1500 air fares

Latest news: We're registered! Now we just need to get there!!

Help us fly Gabrielle (Aurum Project's Representative) to the UK.


Help to reach the goal of $2,100

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