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Supporting Metabolic Dietary Disorders Association MDDA

Metabolic Dietary Disorders Association MDDA


At only 3 days old, our baby cousin Zara (pictured) was diagnosed with phenylketonuria (PKU).

PKU is a very rare genetic disorder in which a child is born with a deficiency of a liver enzyme called phenylalanine hydroxylase (PAH). PAH is what is needed to process an amino acid called phenylalanine (PHE), found in foods containing protein.

Those diagnosed with PKU are unable to break down PHE in the usual way. Therefore, if left untreated after birth, it can lead to a PHE build up in the bloodstream and brain tissue, causing mental retardation and central nervous system problems.

The main way to treat PKU is by a lifelong, extremely low-protein diet.

Lucky for Zara she was diagnosed early, and all necessary steps commenced to ensure that Zara would grow up healthy. 

However, when Zara’s parents, Matt and Mel were told of Zara’s rare condition, they found it hard to find information about PKU apart from what they could read on the internet.  Zara is now 6 months old but in the past 6 months, Matt and Mel have learnt that many SA parents have had children with the same condition, all of which have expressed their concern with the lack of knowledge and awareness about PKU.

To help make a difference we have chosen to raise money for Metabolic Dietary Disorders Association (MDDA). A National self-help group founded by parents that support other families and newborns affected with inborn errors of Metabolism (a rare genetic disorder, like PKU).

Together with Zara’s family and other PKU patients and parents will be showing their support to the PKU Foundation of Australia by participating in the City-to Bay Fun Run on Sunday, September 15.

All money raised will help MDDA to further their research and resources for new families with newborns diagnosed with PKU.

All donations big or small will help make a difference to Zara and other children diagnosed with this rare genetic disorder, so that they live a life of full potential, not limited by choice or resource.  

For further information about MDDA and PKU please visit the links below: 

All donations over $2 is tax deductable.

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