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Jewel's bit to change the future of DV in the Illawarra

Supporting Illawarra Women's Health Centre

Illawarra Women's Health Centre

Change the future: youth led prevention of family violence

 * Trigger Warning - Domestic Violence
(Please contact 1800 RESPECT or Lifeline 131114 should you need support)


You may have heard on WIN News I have been working on an Australian first project– a student led, designed and implemented family violence prevention strategy for schools.

We need to raise $25,000 from people such as you to implement this project. Your donation will enable Illawarra Womans Health Centre to employ a community development officer to roll out this work in schools in the illawarra.

We are working with the student leaders of Warilla and Lake Illawarra High Schools to understand student attitudes to domestic and family violence and then together, work to change attitudes that support violence.

The student's we have been working with want to change their community, they want to stop the violence and they have stepped up to work with us, the University of Wollongong, Local Police and Council to do so.

IN 2018, almost 800 women went to Illawarra Womans Health Centre because of domestic and family violence.

EACH DAY, Lake Ilawarra Police are called to over 12 domestic violence incidents.

IN 2018, it is estimated that over 1000 CHILDREN were directly effected by Domestic Violence in the Shellhabour LGA.

On average, ONE WOMAN A WEEK is murdered by her current or former partner.

You may have seen recent research that shows, disturbingly, almost one in seven young Australians believe a man would be justified in raping a woman if she initiated sex but changed her mind. Almost one-quarter of young men think women find it flattering to be persistently pursued, even if they are not interested.

Let me tell you about one of my past clients, the 28 year old woman that had recently lost her 18 week old baby as a result of physical violence. This calculated and vicious attack perpetrated by her partner not only killed her unborn child, but left her with chronic issues with her neck, significant anxiety, depression and PTSD. He would only allow her to urinate infront of him, she wasnt allowed to leave the house or attend her Microbiology degree at University, he had put all the bank accounts in his name, turned all of her family against her and the worst part....she was pregnant for the second time, with his child, that was the product of him sexually assulting her.

This is the one of manyyyyy stories I could share with you about friends, family and clients that have experienced Domestic Violence. 

Our Change the future program is an opportunity to lead this change.

Also, I would be very grateful for you to share the link to this CrowdRaiser page to your friends and family. The more people who can help the better!

Thank you

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Proud of you x
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So proud of you Jewelsa! You’re doing such an incredible job inspiring others. Such an important issue and something that everyone needs to be a part of for real change to happen xx
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You are an absolute inspiration to our school community Jewel. We can't thank you enough for everything you do. Xoxoxo
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