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Joel Symons 50th birthday

Supporting Hush Foundation

Hush Foundation

Transforming the culture of healthcare through the arts

In lieu of gifts for my 50th, I am raising funds for Hush Music Foundation because I am inspired by their work. The difference they have made to so many people is just extraordinary and I know there are so many others that would benefit from their work. But they need more funding to make that happen. So please support their work by donating to my CrowdRaiser, as I know they will appreciate every cent received. 

Thank you


Donations Received

Logo Photo Ginny Knight
Happy Birthday Joel- a wonderful night Ginny
Logo Photo Rachelli Sack
Happy 50th & Many More in Good Health & Happiness. With Love Norman, Yvonne, Shelli and Mike.
Logo Photo Anonymous
Logo Photo Allan Rosen
Mazaltov on your 50th
Logo Photo Mark Sweidan
Hey Joel - They say life begins at 50. Here's to the next 50!
Logo Photo Monique Gaspar
Logo Photo Christine Ball
Happy birthday Joel. Looking forward to celebrating with you.
Logo Photo Tony Stark
Happy Birthday Joel!
Logo Photo Gary Immerman
Happy 50th! Look forward to celebrating with you.
Logo Photo Simon Jakobovits
Logo Photo Ivor Winik
Happy 50th 🎉Looking forward to celebrating with you. Winiks
Logo Photo paul kallenbach
Happy birthday Joel- looking forward to celebrating with you!
Logo Photo Mark Lust
Logo Photo Alex Evans

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