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Matey and Ashley’s journey to Boston

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Last year I lost my buddy, my brother.

In early 2018 he suffered a severe brain haemorrhage as a result of a rare condition, AVM.

At the time I found out, I was living in London.  I left to come back home to give him every bit of support, company, encouragement, care and positivity I had.   It was a heart breaking time seeing my brother the triathlete, the runner, the mountaineer, the soldier and also my family face the most confronting physical, physiological and emotional challenges they had ever experienced.  His recovery was looking promising, however tragically a few months later he suffered another haemorrhage which took his life.

The last few days my family and I spent with him in hospital were indescribable.  My brother and I were very close, we were similar in nature and also shared many interests.  One of those being sport, in particular running.  We often ran together, him always much fast then me.  He used to run up ahead of me and then double back to check in on me before going off again and again.  He competed and excelled in many sports events, predominantly running, swimming and triathlons.  It was his passion, what made him happy and what he wanted his life to revolve around.  A life of activity, being healthy, group participation and being outdoors.  One sporting aspiration he had planned, was to make it to Boston Marathon together with me.  It was one of the last things I was able to promise him that I would do for us both.  So I have been training and am making my first attempt at a Boston qualifying time on Sunday 14th April at Canberra Marathon.  I’m going to make it to Boston one year and hopefully it will be in 2020.  Sadly my brother won’t be by my side, but he is always in my heart and head, especially when I run.  I miss him immensely when jogging these days but his enthusiastic and determined nature keeps me motivated and on track.  Aside from his sporting talents he was a world of knowledge and a great role model for me.  He showed me the importance of getting involved and the power of being part of a community, the importance of having equally a healthy body and happy mind, of setting goals to work towards, accepting and working through setbacks, but mostly importantly to do what you enjoy.     

For my run this weekend I will be raising money for 3 charities the Brain Foundation, Beyond Blue and Carers Victoria.  I hope to make my brother Ashley proud, and to give something to those who need it most.

A very big thank you to my family, friends, coach, running clubs and colleagues who have been encouraging me during this marathon journey.


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On behalf of Dave!
Logo Photo tamara burton
To my brother who gave back a lot to this community and who only deserves it in return. Also, to all AVM sufferers, let's work towards a future of better awareness, treatment and support.
Logo Photo Tamara Burton
Logo Photo Tamara Burton
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Logo Photo Jenni Medland
Logo Photo Jenni Medland
Well done Tammy. Ash would be very proud. Three brilliant causes! All the best
Logo Photo Simon Rhys-Maitland
3:29...nice time, your brother would be proud. Good luck in Boston.
Logo Photo James Niclis
Logo Photo Meg Suda
Logo Photo Andrew Pinto
All the best Tammy, We know Ash would be really proud of you. Much love, Andy, Jess and Liliana Pinto
Logo Photo Ian Steedman
Training and inspiration ... congratulations.
Logo Photo Heath Kean
Logo Photo Hannah Leigh-Smith
Logo Photo Danni Dodgson
My heart breaks for you, l am very sorry to hear about your brother. I hope Sunday went well.
Logo Photo Melina Flood
Look forward to following your journey xox
Logo Photo John &Myra Reddie
Wonderful caring words Tamara. We wish you well today. Very challenging.
Logo Photo Matthew Scott
Logo Photo Ian Hince
Well done Tam! All the best with the training and the run. Really moving message.
Logo Photo Stephanie Grizzell

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