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Rescue children in crisis - Blue Dragon Rescue Appeal

Supporting Blue Dragon International Overseas Aid Fund

Blue Dragon International Overseas Aid Fund

Blue Dragon Children's Foundation

Children in crisis need your help

“I came to Hanoi to escape the abuse. I had no money and nowhere to go, so I started living under a bridge. I was constantly approached by paedophiles offering me food and accommodation if I went with them. I didn’t know what to do, I felt so alone.” -  Hai, 17 years old

“I was locked in a room with 10 other pregnant women. For the next six months I was trapped. If it wasn’t for Blue Dragon I’d still be stuck there, giving birth over and over again. I’m so happy to be home safe.” “Linh”, 21-year-old survivor

Last year, Blue Dragon rescued 268 street children and victims of human trafficking, and provided support for over 1,500 more. There are hundreds more children living on the streets and trapped in slavery, waiting to be rescued and they need YOUR help.

You are part of the solution

Your donation will keep young people like Hai and Linh safe from exploitation and abuse. It will help them to overcome their trauma and rebuild their lives.

Together, we can reach these children before a paedophile, gang member, or trafficker does.

●      $15 will give a child a clean outfit to wear

●      $50 will provide emergency accommodation and healthcare

●      $100 will enable a trafficking survivor to complete vocational training

●      $200 will reunite a child on the streets with their family

●      $500 will provide a street kid with long-term psychosocial support

●      $2,500 will rescue a girl trapped in sexual slavery

Help to reach the goal of $250,000

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