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Ally’s birthday fundraiser for LGBTIQA+

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Hello friends and family,

This year for my birthday fundraiser i've chosen to raise money for the Pride foundation. As a young teenager being apart of the lgbt community, is something i'm extremely proud of and something i wouldn't change for the world. It hasn't been easy, questioning myself and the way people would look at me and the constant fear of being treated differently because of who i loved. but after being out for almost 3 years, i've learnt to accept who i am, and who i love. 


Pride is something i take to heart, my sexuality is a big part of who i am and i'm proud of it. 

Any and all donations will go to the pride foundation of Australia. Anything means a lot. if you cant donate a simple share of this fundraiser can make a difference. 


thank you all x

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Happy Birthday Ally.
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