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Psychology for a Safe Climate

HEART for climate action

Dear Friends,

THANK YOU for supporting this organisation that's so close to my heart! 

Psychology for a Safe Climate has been a volunteer-based and run organisation for the last ten years, and it really is incredible what they've contributed in that time to the broader conversation in Australia about climate crisis, eco-anxiety, climate grief and the need for a deeper engagement with climate change.

Now in 2020, the demand for PSC's work has outstripped the volunteer committee's ability to keep up!

PSC needs to move toward hiring some paid staff so that they can continue to the offer the quality programs for activists and climate workers and to respond to the growing requests from psychologists and community members for additional support. PSC needs more funding to make that happen. So please support PSC's work by donating to my CrowdRaiser and signing up for the HEART for climate action 10 days of creative care, I appreciate every cent received toward this organisation I care so much about!

My Journey with PSC

After many years feeling anxious and at a loss about climate change, and how I could contribute, I was delighted to discover PSC. I've now been volunteering with them for over 8 years & enjoyed every bit.

Together we have designed and run workshops for climate activists, local council, environmental groups, climate scientisis, policy makers in the areas of climate related grief, burnout and eco-anxiety. We give talks at conferences and seminars, and more recently webinars (thanks COVID!). We have published several booklets, our most recent in response to the devestating bushfire crisis this last summer. And we distribute a monthly newsletter packed with goodies for reading and listening. 

When climate change has worn heavily on my mind & heart, our PSC community has been there. Sharing creative processes and activities that have offered me space to reflect, share, connect and feel rejuvenated to keep going.

As the years roll by, the need for PSC offerings grows. We are now at a critical point, and need your help. At the heart of this CrowdRaiser is to enable us to sustain and boost our offerings focused on strengthening resilience and emotional engagement with climate change - for individuals, organisations, psychology and counselling therapists, and communities. 

Every and any contribution counts. Just as a tiny, precious snowflake can trigger an avalanche, so too can each and every one of us make a difference. Our hearts and actions create ripple effects that inspire and transform lives for generations to come.

So the good news is that there are many ways you can support PSC!!

1. Make a donation to this CrowdRaiser. I know times are tough, for so many of us right now around finances.  This has been an extraordinary year. So anything you can give will help :-) 

2. Spread the Word! Share this CrowdRaiser with your network of friends, family and colleagues. Tell them what climate change and emotional wellbeing means to you. You'll be surprised by how many reply with I feel that way too :-) 

3. Join us for HEART for climate action, 10 days of creative care.  Our hope is that this will be supportive for anyone who is looking to engage more deeply with their feelings about the climate crisis and to find that deeper motivation needed to take action. The ten days are filled with invitations for creative exploration as well as supportive self-care practices that will invite you into deeper connection with yourself, others and nature.

I'll of course be joining in the 10 days, which during these stage 4 restrictions I feel will be a welcome relief. 

Hope you join me, follow our story & stay connected with PSC 😊

Much Love, Bron



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