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Supporting RISE (Refugees, Survivors and Ex-Detainees)

RISE (Refugees, Survivors and Ex-Detainees)

RISE General Appeal

I am raising funds for RISE because they're the only refugees advocacy and support organisation run by refugees, survivors and ex-detainees, for refugees, survivors and ex-detainees. 

As an Australian citizen, I am part of the rationale for Australia's insane detention regime that imprisons, harms and kills people who have committed no crime. Governments by both major parties have cultivated an obsession with secure borders to prey upon people's fears and deflect from the real issues that face us as a community.

Setting up this fundraiser is the least I can do to try to offset the damage done by our government, and I'm open to future ideas with you too! 

It is hard to laugh when so much misery and harm is all around us and perpetrated by our own government, towards the most vulnerable people in the world. But funny stuff brings us together, overriding differences of experience, politics, language and privilege. 

So: donate what you can, and help spread the word! Bring or send people to my next show! Can you please share the link on your social media posts, and in focused messages to people you think would be up for a good laugh for a good cause? 

Details of upcoming shows at 

Thanks again for being part of this tiny contribution to a big problem.


Help to reach the goal of $3,000

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