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Darling Range Wildlife Shelter

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Darling Range Wildlife Shelter

Rescue, Care and Rehabilitation of Australian Wildlife

Today I witnessed a man intentionally speed up to run over a mother duck and her 7 ducklings while they were crossing a main road. The babies and mum were hit into the air. I saved two but unfortunately only one survived. After driving to a vet, and two animal shelters I found the Darling Range Wildlife Shelter who took little "Juicy" in. Apparently ducklings can only survive with other ducklings. So if you can't find other ducklings it is unlikely to live. Luckily, this shelter had some little ducklings Juicy could join. They don't get any government funding and rely donations. So if you are looking for a great service to donate to, they are incredibly deserving. Please feel free to support their work by donating to my CrowdRaiser, as I know they will appreciate every cent received. 

Also, I would be very grateful for you to share the link to this CrowdRaiser page to your friends and family. The more people who can help the better!

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Thank you for caring for the baby duckling my daughter brought to you.
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