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Fatboy Can Run4Blue

Supporting Victoria Police Legacy Scheme (Inc)

Victoria Police Legacy Scheme (Inc)

Victoria Police Legacy

Wow - thank you all so much for your generous support of Police Legacy Victoria and my Run4Blue May mission. I ain't built for running, but have managed personal best distances of 15k and half marathon 21.3k this month. It sure did hurt, but all worth it in the end. Thankyou all so much. One day left and I'm at 98.8km of my 75 km pledge. I'll pop out for a bit tomorrow to clock over the 100 and end on a high. Your support for this worthy cause is very thankfully received and appreciated.

I've got approval from Police Legacy Victoria to use this site to fundraise for their Run4Blue campaign and garner donations for their valuable work in looking after Vic Police members and families who have need of additional support, whether through death, PTSD, or any of a range of needs. Donations will receive tax Deductable receipts.

I'm participating in Run4Blue and have pledged to Run 75+ km in the month of May.  I am definitely not built to be a runner at 120kg, 50+yo, and have a Dickie knee into the bargain, but I'm happy to do what is needed to reach this goal, bearing in mind the risk, loss and suffering of those whom Police Legacy supports. This has intensified for me especially in light of the recent needless Eastern Freeway deaths of people just doing their jobs, just like you and I.

I am raising funds for Victoria Police Legacy Scheme (Inc) because I am inspired by their work. The difference they have made to so many people is just extraordinary and I know there are so many others that would benefit from their work. But they need more funding to make that happen. So please support their work by donating to my CrowdRaiser, as I know they will appreciate every cent received. And I will be very grateful for your contribution too!

Also, I would be very grateful for you to share the link to this CrowdRaiser page to your friends and family. The more people who can help the better!

Thank you.

Fatboy Pete.

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Logo Photo Andrew Y
Brilliant !
Logo Photo Jo Kirkham
Logo Photo Tania Van Diesen
Logo Photo Roy Norton
Well done mate. Great effort for a great cause. Love Team Norton xx 👍💙💪👌
Logo Photo Anonymous
Logo Photo Karyn Mitchell
My Hero, hats off to you!
Logo Photo jacki wilson
Amazing job Pete - so proud of you.jxx
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Logo Photo Jeandanielle Evans
Love ya Pete xxx
Logo Photo Jennifer Green
Great work Pete keep it up you've been a huge inspiration to me xx
Logo Photo Lynda Tivendale
Go Pete! You are inspirational x
Logo Photo Peter Rosewall
Pete - Just topping up my personal donation - Thank you everyone - I'm blown away by your generosity and support.
Logo Photo Matt & Rochelle Wynne
You’ll nail in Pete!! Good on you
Logo Photo Angela Firth
Great work Pete
Logo Photo Paula Street
Logo Photo Natalie Sullivan
Great job Pete! May the Force be with you!
Logo Photo Cheryle Milligan
Go Peter!! You are amazing. I love your determination to push yourself for a great cause. What an inspiring and thoughtful person you are 🙏

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