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Finding the last wild Western Ground Parrots with Tech

Supporting Friends of the Western Ground Parrot

Friends of the Western Ground Parrot

Western Ground Parrot Rescue Fund

For my birthday, I am raising funds for Friends of the Western Ground Parrot here instead of on facebook, as the nonprofit is currently not capable of accepting funds through that platform.

One of Australia's critically endangered species, the Western Ground Parrot, is clinging on by its beak. Prior to the bushfires, there were fewer than 150 known individuals of the wild Western Ground Parrot population. Most of this specie's habitat in Cape Arid National Park has been burnt by recent fires. Friends of the Western Ground Parrot urgently need to find and protect the wild parrots that remain!

Please donate to the fund to purchase 10 ARUs (automated recording units) to help search for these birds! ARU is a self-contained audio recording device that is deployed in marine or terrestrial environments for bioacoustical monitoring. They are frequently used to survey and monitor avian populations through sound.


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