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The United Nations team (Helene) is walking to Cambodia

Supporting Human and Hope Association Inc.

Human and Hope Association Inc.

Education & Training Programs in Cambodia

The distance from Sydney to Siem Reap is 7,000kms+ or 9.5 million steps.

We are team of 22 friends, from Uni and work back from 1997!  from 9 different countries: Taiwan, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Switzerland, the USA, Japan and Australia. In April, we are counting our steps from our walks, to virtually walk to Cambodia alongside other teams.

If you can, please donate and raise fund to provide education to children like *Thida.

  • Despite multiple obstacles that prevented her from attending school, Thida began studying at HHA Cambodia
  • “Thida is brave, talkative, and always laughing. Though she always smiles every time she meets teachers and friends, we can see the difficulties that she has faced and overcome as well as the hope for a better future from her bright eyes. [...] Thida is our role model and a great example.” – Phyrom, Thida’s teacher
  • Thida comes to class late because she picks her cousin up from school and undertake housework before studying. Her teachers make an exception for Thida to support her circumstances. Each day after class, Thida helps her siblings with the livestock, harvest rice and grow vegetables to sell at the market. Even with these responsibilities, Thida’s academic performance has improved dramatically.

Your donation, even small, will ensure other children are given the same opportunity.

Thank you for your support from the United Nations' team !


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Walk, Helene, walk!

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