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Psychology for a Safe Climate

HEART for climate action

Psychology for a Safe Climate has been a volunteer-based and run organisation for the last ten years, and it really is incredible what they've contributed in that time to the broader conversation in Australia about climate crisis, eco-anxiety, climate grief and the need for a deeper engagement with climate change.

Now in 2020, the demand for PSC's work has outstripped the volunteer committee's ability to keep up! PSC needs to move toward hiring some paid staff so that they can continue to the offer the quality programs for activists and climate workers and to respond to the growing requests from psychologists and community members for additional support. PSC needs more funding to make that happen. So please support PSC's work by donating to my CrowdRaiser and signing up for the HEART for climate action 10 days of creative care (link  here). I appreciate every cent received toward this organisation I believe provides people with the tools and supportive environment required to generate climate action.  

Why PSC for me? 

I am raising funds for Psychology for a Safe Climate (PSC) because I deeply believe that facts and figures about climate change alone will not solve our climate crises. People protect what they love.  

My exposure to PSC has been through my sister, who is a psychologist and integral volunteer member with PSC. I have had opportunities to participate in PSC workshops. One workshop utilised art therapy - it was incredibly liberating to use art to capture my emotional journey and current state of mind regarding climate change. It opened the door to discussions about the pain and suffering I experienced and helped clear blockages regarding perceived personal inaction.

Climate change is a key threat to many of Australia’s unique wildlife. The Black Summer fires were a devastating event - and a personal time of anxiety and sadness. As an ecologist, working passionately to protect our threatened species, my energy and drive is buoyed by wandering in Nature and bringing other people into Nature. I deeply believe that spending time in nature - connecting, observing, being curious - brings a wealth of positive outcomes including physical and mental health benefits (and science is now supporting this belief!). I find I become more creative, energised, open to new ideas, calmer, resilient, compassionate and positive. Ultimately, these experiences deepen our connections to, and love for the natural world. And, generate the desire and will to contribute towards solving our climate crises - protecting all life from further harm. 

I highly recommend signing up for PSC’s HEART for climate action 10 days of creative care. The ten days are filled with invitations for creative exploration as well as supportive self-care practices that will invite you into deeper connection with yourself, others and nature and to find that deeper motivation needed to take action.

People need a supportive environment and self-care to come to grips with the climate crises. For me, an inspiring aspect of PSC is the workshops that they run for climate activists and those working in the climate field as researchers, policymakers, and local council members to support them with the grief, burnout and anxiety that can accompany working on climate change in a daily way. PSC provides space for self-care, self-compassion and creates a supportive community, which is an integral part of how people will be able to truly look this crisis in the eye and find ways to take effective action. 

So, I am also raising funds for PSC because I am inspired by their work.

There are three key ways you can get involved and support Psychology for a Safe Climate: 

1. Sign up for the HEART for climate action 10 days of creative care by making a donation of $40 or more, and filling out this form. Following your sign up you will receive all the information and materials you will need to participate.

2. Make a donation to HEART for climate action today! All donations under $2000 are sadly not eligible for tax deduction. If your planned donation happens to be over $2000 you are eligible for tax deduction. Please contact us at for details on how to process this prior to donating.

3. Spread the word. I would be very grateful for you to share the link to HEART for climate action with your friends and family. The more people who engage with climate change the better! 

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