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Ngubadigu (Lateral Love)

Supporting Hawkesbury's Helping Hands Inc

Hawkesbury's Helping Hands Inc

A helping hand, when you need it most!!

Hi Everyone,

I am raising funds for Hawkesbury's Helping Hands a non-for-profit organisation who have been travelling to Aboriginal remote communities to drop off much needed supplies during these hard times. Due to the COVID outbreak in their small towns, their local and only supermarkets have closed and the closest supermarkets are 2 hours away from their towns. To top this off the local bus services have now ceased. They have been left with no supplies, food and other day to day necessities and absolutely no way of retrieving them. The whole community is struggling. 

Another trip is being made this Thursday with vans packed full of supplies and food. Any donations made will significantly help with costs of shopping needs, rental and fuel cost. It would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you in advance for contributing. 

Help to reach the goal of $2,000

$1,050 raised

Donations Received

Logo Photo Vince Gioiello
Well done Fee .. putting a smile people’s faces 🙂
Logo Photo Gina Barbara
Logo Photo Tamara Droudis
Your doing a wonderful job❤️
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Logo Photo Katherine Henderson
Logo Photo Errol Michell
Logo Photo Airfast Air Conditioning Pty Ltd
Thank you for all you do for those in need.
Logo Photo Lauren Naughton
Logo Photo Bronte Gioiello
Logo Photo Sienna Gioiello
Good Work HHH
Logo Photo Heart Nouveau
Thank you for all of the work you are doing! You are amazing…xx

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