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Petit Burleigh’s Nest Box Drive

Supporting Wildcare Australia

Wildcare Australia

Helping wildlife in South-east Queensland

At Petit Early Learning Journey Burleigh, we believe in teaching the children to be environmentally responsible. There have been lots of discussions with the children this week about the local bushfires, with a lot of children asking about our beautiful native animals. This has lead us to search for something we can do to help our native wildlife recover after the devastong loss of their homes and this search brought us to Wildcare and their Nest Box Drive. We have decided that we would like to try to raise money for Wildcare to build Nest Boxes for these displaced animals.

Please donate or share our fundraiser with friends and family to support Wildcare Australia. 

The more people who can help the better!

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Great initiative to help provide new homes for native wildlife affected by the bushfires.

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