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Phoenix's Therapy Horse Calypso

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I’m raising funds to help support my assistance horse Calypso at HorsePower Australia (previously RDAWA) through the COVID-19 crisis.

Calypso has made a HUGE difference to my life and to others living with disabilities.  


My biggest challenge before I started riding Calypso was my anxiety and being able to trust people and myself. Calypso has helped me believe in myself and shown me I can do whatever I put my mind to. I have learnt to trust and my Anxiety doesn’t show when I’m with Calypso. Since I haven’t been able to ride I’ve notice I’m doubting myself more and not confident in my daily life.


I’m especially missing Calypso’s understanding and gentle nature during this difficult time, and I want to make sure Calypso will be waiting for me, fit and healthy and ready to continue supporting me when it’s safe to return to the centre.  


Please help my assistance horse, Calypso, by donating to my crowdraiser. Every cent received pays for their feed and care during this crisis.


I would also be very grateful if you would share the link to my crowdraiser page with your friends and family too. The more people who can help, the better! Thank you.