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Rebecca Mason has our hearts

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Every heartbeat matters, every breath's important...

A clean slate. 
Hard knocks give you the opportunity to start from the beginning. 
Don’t just aim to ‘get back’ to what you had. 
Aim to outperform who you were. 
You have a clean slate,  to create a better you.  


My opportunity for a clean slate came when I underwent open heart surgery at age 31.

I proactively underwent a strict prehabilitation training regimen that prepared me for what would be a life or death situation. 

This approach to training proved fruitful, with the second day in ICU serving a confronting choice to keep living or pass out (for good). 

The physical and mental preparation, in choosing to survive is something that has shown me what we can achieve, when pushed to our limit. My case is extreme, but it was a limit nonetheless. 

Part of my programming, was light immersion into ocean swimming.  For the last 2 years, I have applied the same approach to ocean swimming that I did with training for my operation. 

In a few short months, I am swimming 20km from Perth to Rottnest Island a physical challenge I will be undertaking with just two years of swimming experience – this is typically less than one fifth of the experience most swimmers have who complete this swim. 

For a bit of background on the heart surgery, please read the article I posted on LinkedIn by clicking here.


I am fundraising for The Baird Institute (the Institute). The Institute is based at The University of Sydney and led by my heart surgeon – Professor Paul Bannon, who was recently featured in Channel Nine News for having found a way to treat highly contagious COVID-19 patients with heart conditions without moving them out of intensive care. This is a direct example of the positive impact the work The Baird Institute has on the Australian public.


Donations Received

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Thank you for sharing your story, your determination is truly inspiring :-)
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Logo Photo Michael Carpena
Logo Photo Attendees from SLSLC Event
This donation is being made on behalf of all attendees from SLSC Attendees from last week's event.
Logo Photo Rosanna Avenia
Congratulations Rebecca! It is great to swim with you, Cronulla Seabird!
Logo Photo Alison Hodel
Well done Rebecca Love Alison and family
Logo Photo Annmarie Ware
Well done From Michael and Rachel
Logo Photo Stephen Flint
Your strength & determination is inspiring
Logo Photo Richard Hackett
Hi Rebecca. Good luck on your swim. Yours is an inspiring story. You don’t know me, but I’m a sea kayaker, so know Mark S. I had a few stents put in my heart 5 years ago to keep me going and am happy to support you and the Baird institute. Great work.
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All the best of luck for tomorrow Rebecca, although I don't think you will need it!
Logo Photo Paul Bannon
Logo Photo Jonathan Jong Wah
Rip in Bec!
Logo Photo Malcolm McDonald
You're an inspiration Bec. Hope the blue bottles stay away!
Logo Photo Gyliane Ware
Go you! So proud of your ever increasing achievements
Logo Photo Craig Mellick
Good luck Rebecca with your Rottnest swim. Swim your own race at your own pace and most importantly enjoy the moment.
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Logo Photo Linda GINGER
Logo Photo Greer Banyer
You're an inspiration!

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