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Dear friend

I was one of several people who were involved from the very start in setting up Psychology for a Safe Climate 10 years ago. We were wanting to use the skills we had developed as psychologists and mental health professionals to help spread awareness of the need for action to combat climate change. Our work has developed over the years to include the provision of support to community and business organisations, activists, researchers, scientists and policy makers aimed at helping people deal with the emotional impacts of climate change, as well as educational seminars, speaking engagements, and writing articles for publication.

Over the 10 years, we have worked as a small group of volunteers. The makeup of our group has remained very constant.  We have  all worked extremely well and productively together and have developed a great capacity to support and encourage one another in the work and also in our own personal emotional responses to the impacts of climate change.  We have very much modelled in our group the lessons we convey to the community in our workshops and seminars; love of nature and our natural resources, commitment to action to reduce the impacts of climate change, community support and self-care.

Now, as the climate crisis worsens and the need for action is greater than ever, we find there is more demand for our work than we can keep up with as a small volunteer-run organisation. We are in a process of transformation as an organisation.

I know there are a lot of demands on everyone at present in the challenging circumstances we all find ourselves in. However we would greatly appreciate your financial support in order to employ additional people and to ensure that our work continues to be widely available to those who really need it.


How can you get involved in HEART for climate action?

There are three key ways you can get involved and support Psychology for a Safe Climate:

  1. Sign up for the HEART for climate action 10 days of creative care by making a donation of $40 or more, and filling out this form. Following your sign up you will receive all the information you will need to participate.
  2. Make a donation to HEART for climate action today! Donations above $2000 are eligible for tax deduction. Please contact us at for details on how to process this prior to donating.
  3. Spread the word! Do you know someone who would benefit from our work or enjoy ten days of creative engagement and skill-building? Share HEART for climate action with your friends, family and colleagues. Sharing this campaign with just 20 other people makes a huge difference!

More about  Psychology for a Safe Climate

Psychology for a Safe Climate works to increase understanding and engagement with climate change. Through our contribution, we help people to find the motivation to act, rather than react with denial or despair.

Our programs help people working in the field - scientists, researchers, policymakers, activists - to build emotional resilience and the ability to work more effectively on climate change, through more collegial connection, and greater awareness of the emotional impact of their work.

For psychologists and other health professionals, we build literacy about climate change and the growing prevalence of eco-anxiety by offering information, skills and opportunities to help them engage with this issue in their own lives and work.

What would your money support Psychology for a Safe Climate to do from here?

Your donation would really make an impact on our ability to continue to offer this work enabling us to:

  • Continue to offer our workshops to the community and activists at an affordable rate.
  • Expand our reach into our professions of psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors, to increase both their engagement and ability to respond appropriately to growing eco-anxiety in the community.
  • Begin to engage key community leaders to collaborate on a health promotion program aimed at building psycho-social resilience in local communities as climate threats are realised.

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