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Psychology for a Safe Climate

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Hi all

I am raising funds for Psychology for a Safe Climate because they are an exceptional group dedicated to supporting climate action and campaigners, while deepening climate conversations and understandings.

I first encountered Psychology for a Safe Climate (PSC) in 2013 when I spoke at their inuagural conference and since then I have collaborated with them on a number of occasions. Each time, I have seen this very dedicated and cohesive group provide transformative support.  Their suite of workshops and talks on climate grief, burnout,  ecoanxiety and denial provide much needed nourishment spaces, insight and strategies for a range of groups and communities. 

The need for PSC's  work is growing all the time, as climates crises intensify. I am often approached by groups wanting psychological support for their climate engagement. PSC is well equipped and experienced to deliver this but they do need funding now to be able to extend their reach and capacity.

For the last 10 years PSC's work has all been done through volunteer work. This CrowdRaiser will enable them to hire some paid staff so that they can continue to the offer the quality programs for activists and climate workers and to respond to the growing requests from psychologists and climate disaster affected communities for support.

I would love it if you would  consider supporting PSC's work by donating to my CrowdRaiser. For $40 or more you can sign up for their HEART for climate action ten days of creative care package. I will be participating in the ten-day creative process myself, and I know it will be a heartening experience for anyone who is looking for support for their feelings about the climate crisis and for inspiration to take action. Over the ten days there will be practices for creative exploration as well as self-care that invite you into deeper connection with yourself, others and nature.

I know PSC will appreciate every cent received, and use it well.  I too will be very grateful for your donation toward this organisation I value so much. And one last request! Please share the link to this CrowdRaiser page to your friends and family. The Heart for Action ten days of creative care offering is ideal to do with the company of others!

Thank you so much for considering my request


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