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Serey and friends are walking to Cambodia

Supporting Human and Hope Association Inc.

Human and Hope Association Inc.

Education & Training Programs in Cambodia

Cambodian Living Arts and Culture (CLAC) is an organisation based in Sydney dedicated to preserving the cultural Khmer arts within the local community. Cambodian children have a special place in our hearts and it is our pleasure to participate in the Walk to Cambodia 2021 effort. We are grateful for the community of friends CLAC has in Sydney and around Australia (especially our sisters in Adelaide!!!) to support and motivate us. 

Our walkers: Serey, Lisa, Nikki, Chanda, Dawn, Thary, Vy, Amy, Nalisa, Steve, Esther, Toulia, Susannah, Barbara, Gaudern, Bec, Han, Terence, Agnes, Korus, Lina, Craig, Margaret and Alistair. 

The distance from Sydney to Siem Reap, Cambodia, is 7,252km. That’s around 9, 572,640 steps. This April, I am proud to be virtually walking the distance to Cambodia.

By supporting my participation in Walk to Cambodia, you will help me raise funds to provide education to Cambodian children living in poverty. Children like *Thida.

Thida comes from a family with a long history of violence. After her parents divorced, Thida moved in with her father, who developed a dependence on alcohol. He remained unemployed, leaving it to Thida and her siblings to find money to feed the family and support her studies.

Despite the hardships Thida faced, she began studying at HHA Cambodia in 2016.

“Thida is clever, brave, talkative, and always laughing. Though she always smiles every time she meets teachers and friends, we can see the difficulties that she has faced and overcome as well as the hope for a better future from her bright eyes. When talking about overcoming obstacles, being patient, and perseverance, Thida is our role model and a great example.” – Phyrom, Thida’s teacher

Thida comes to class late regularly, as she needs to pick her cousin up from school and undertake housework before she can be permitted to study.
Her teachers make an exception for Thida, as they know how difficult her circumstances are.

After English class each day, Thida helps her siblings take care of their livestock, harvest rice and grow vegetables to sell at the market. Even with these responsibilities, Thida’s academic performance has improved dramatically, with her always getting good grades in her assessments and exams. We are certain that because of Thida’s dedication to her studies and challenging life,
she will use these experiences to overcome poverty in the future.

Your generosity in supporting my Walk to Cambodia will ensure other children like Thida are afforded the same opportunity.

Thank you for your support!

Help to reach the goal of $2,400

$500 raised

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Ends on 30/09/2021 at 5:00 PM

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