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Team Wardrop-Brown's Cycling Mission 2019

Supporting Forget Me Not Australia Limited

Forget Me Not Australia Limited


ProjectHELP creates life-changing opportunities for families living in Kalyanpuri Slum to raise their children to be vibrant, thriving and connected to family, community and opportunity. The goal is for every child to attend school, be in good health and have safe and secure housing. And the exciting can help make this happen!!!!

Meet our team:

Third year cycling veteran "Lucy" is an adventurous and passionate mother ready to take on any challenge in which she can create hope and improve health outcomes of children.  Having seen first-hand last year the important and life-changing work of Forget Me Not and ProjectHELP in India, signing up again for this years cycle was a no-brainer.  When not cycling (and that is actually all the time), Lucy is a master at juggling a busy schedule and living life to the full.  Looking after her family is foremost but she also finds time to use her professional training as both a Nurse and Lawyer to support those in need in the local community.

"Poppy" just shy of her 15th birthday, is also a 3rd year veteran.  Over the past two years she has exceeded her own expectations when taking on the cycle mentally, physically and financially.  From the moment she handed back her bike she was keen to sign up again.  Knowing that she had raised money to help hundreds of children improve their life outcomes and have a brighter future has been priceless.  

"Saffy" is another keen repeat third year cycler.  Still amazed by the underpass classrooms, with chalkboards painted to the concrete structures, she has learnt that it is more important to have an opportunity to learn anywhere than to focus on the aesthetics of a classroom.  Saffy is looking forward to knowing that she has continued to help children that would otherwise have limited opportunities in life.

At 9 years of age, "Tansy" is looking forward to her second trip to India.  An aspiring Bollywood actress, Tansy dreams of a world where no child should live in poverty.  The most important things in life to Tansy are family and health and by raising money for ProjectHELP she can start turning her dreams into reality one child at a time.  Tansy accomplished 60 km's last year, this year she is hoping to double that distance!

And finally meet "Brad", the non-cycling member of the team.  Unfortunately not able to cycle this year (again), he is a staunch supporter of the works of Forget Me Not and ProjectHELP and will be also actively raising funds and awareness as to how all of you can help make a real difference to families and children who would otherwise be forgotten by society.

As a family we are raising funds for Forget Me Not Australia Limited because we are inspired by their work. The difference they have made to so many people is simply extraordinary and we know there are so many others that would benefit from their work. But they need more funding to make that happen. So please support their work by donating to my CrowdRaiser, as we know they will appreciate every cent received. And we will be very grateful for your contribution too!

Also, we would be very grateful for you to share the link to this CrowdRaiser page to your friends and family. The more people who can help the better!

Thank you!!!! xxxx

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