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Teens Tri for CMT

Supporting Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association of Australia Inc.

Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association of Australia Inc.

Fun Runs for CMT

Many of you may not know becuase I haven't really told anyone, that I have a condition called Charcot Marie Tooth (or CMT). My Dad, Uncle and Grandmother also have it. It causes weakness in my legs and feet which means I have trouble walking and running. I trip a lot because I have foot drop and I now have to wear leg braces to hold my feet in the right position and stop me from tripping. I also get a lot of pain in my feet, especially if I have to walk or run long distances. The best thing I can do is stay active and keep my muscles working. I have decided to do the Noosa triathlon with a couple of friends and raise money for CMT Australia to try and raise awareness and help with research to find a cure for CMT. Hugh will be swimming 1500m, I will be cycling 40km and Katie will be running 10km. We would love you to donate and help us raise money for this cause.

Lachie McNamee

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Logo Photo Charles Hall
Logo Photo Georgie Ford
Go Lachie!
Logo Photo Tony Adams
Logo Photo Marina Kennerson
Logo Photo Joy Gath
Logo Photo Shannon Tunstead
Good Luck!!!
Logo Photo Murray Gladwin
Don’t forget who gave you those pedals when you’re famous Lachie!
Logo Photo Angela McNamee
Very proud of all 3 of you for doing this.
Logo Photo Brock Johnston
Logo Photo Caitlin Douglas
Well done guys!!
Logo Photo Susie Gibson
Great work Lachie. Happy to ride with you if you need a training partner.
Logo Photo Julieanne Rogan
Go get ‘em Lachie!!
Logo Photo Jo Capp
Logo Photo Sally Policaro
Awesome work Lachie!! Good on you for raising awareness. You're already a champion!
Logo Photo Emily Orchard-Maher
Logo Photo Jo & Jim Cowan
Fantastic Lachie! We will be cheering for you all the way xx
Logo Photo Lyn Atkinson
Good luck Lachie and you should feel very proud of yourself sett8ng yourself this challenge. Go team Lachie.
Logo Photo Anonymous
Logo Photo Jeorge Wigan
Great cause Lachie. Good on you for not letting anything hold you back!

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