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Trooper the tripod kitten

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Hey! I'm Trooper!
I was given the name because everyone keeps commenting on how brave I am...
I don't understand what it even means, maybe I am brave, I'll let you be the judge of that.

It's almost two weeks ago now that my life took a drastic change, for the better!!
I was brought to APS in a handbag and dragged out, which hurt a lot!

I was already in so much pain though, unbearably so.  My leg was shattered.   A dog had attacked me but he didn't understand what a kitten was, he thought I was a toy and threw me around. He shook me so badly that my leg was damaged beyond repair.
The kind people at APS realised that I needed help and I was immediately rushed to the vet for pain relief and x-rays to see what could be done for my leg.  The prognosis was not good, my damaged leg was shattered beyond repair and on top of that it was infected.  There was no other choice but to amputate it.

I'm now in the foster care of one of APS's wonderful 'Cat Mum's'.  I have regular meals to help me put on some much needed weight,  and my other superficial wounds are all being monitored.  She's also helping me come to terms with my new life as a tripod cat! 

Sadly, my story is not an isolated case, acts of cruelty like this happen surprisingly frequently.  I'm so lucky to have got the help I needed so quickly, however treatment like this is specialised and comes at a cost.  Without your help APS would have to turn away animals like myself who are injured through no fault of our own.  Please consider a small financial donation so they can continue to save lives like mine.

As for me, I'm finding my life has only just begun.  For the first time ever I know how it feels to be loved and cared for.  Life with three legs takes a little bit of adjusting to but I'm determined to live up to my namesake, Trooper by name and Trooper by nature!

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Wishing you a speedy recovery, big love little dude! ♥️🐾
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Hope this helps this little cutie
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