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Education & Training Programs in Cambodia

Hey there! Thanks for being here with me. You're reading this, it means either you care about me and/or you care about what I do.

Well first, I need to stay SANE!!! in this difficult time so that I can continue to help everyone around me that I love, respect and care about to stay sane as well. Thanks for joining me to (virtually) walk to Cambodia, in my case, I walk to the world of the unknowns. I walk to get lost in my thoughts without a set destination because for me, it's not about the desitnation, it's the journey that I cherish.

I walk to meditate, I walk to stay grounded, I walk to connect to my innner soul, I walk to clear my head, to think straight, to dream, to feel emotions that inspire and I walk because I care about "yours truly ME" and everyone around me. Hence, the title: "WalkWithDara4SixPacks!".

If I don't stay focused, healthy and sane, my support system may break-down because they look up to me for a source of hope, for someone they can talk to, they can trust to share and to find creative solutions for their challenges in times of difficulities like this one.

Please do join me to care about ourselves, to self-love and love others. I very much respect and supports the works at Human and Hope Association and the humans behind all the social impacts, positive changes that the people of the organization have enabled over the years. Thanks to them I am motivated to keep walking! Your participation means the world to me! Or kun chroeun! 

Thank you. 

Your truly me, Daraism  

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