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Walsh's Pyramid Hike

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Mummy's Wish Hike

We are hiking up Walsh's Pyramid (Gordonvale) on the 16th October at 6.00am in memory of Annette Azzopardi (27/10/1979 - 12/03/2019) and to raise awareness and support for Mummy's Wish.

Annette was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2017. During her cancer treatment, she was supported by the charity Mummy's Wish who support 1000's of mums with cancer every year by providing tailored practical support. Annette was grateful for regular house cleaning while she was recovering from treatment and her two young boys were given recordable teddy bears so they could listen to Mummy's voice when she was in Brisbane for treatment and they missed her the most.

In mid-2018, Annette was given the all clear and to celebrate being healthy again her and husband Alan hiked Walsh’s Pyramid in Gordonvale (922m altitude and 7km long - not an easy hike for the fittest person, let alone someone recovering from cancer!). She was astounded she raised over $3,000 for Mummy's Wish!

Devastatingly, Annette's cancer returned four weeks after her Pyramid Hike and she passed away three months later.

Mummy's Wish were so moved by Annette's story and courage they have made Annette's Pyramid hike a national 'Take a hike for Mummy's Wish' fundraiser - encouraging people around Australia during the month of October to take steps in memory of those lost, take steps in celebration of those who have survived, and take steps to support the families and children who have been left behind. 

We love and miss Annette more than words can describe. By sharing Annette's story, we can create more memories of our wonderful mum-wife-daughter-sister-cousin-friend even though she can't be here to walk with us anymore. 

We would be very grateful for you to share the link to this CrowdRaiser page to your friends and family. The more people who can help the better!

Thank you for your contribution and support. 

To read Annette's story, go to the Mummy's Wish web site: 


Help to reach the goal of $5,000

$4,503 raised

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In memory of Annette Azzopardi
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Well done to Juvena, such a noble cause.
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Great effort Annie and Benita
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In loving memory of Annette 🦋 Such a great cause and amazing event to organize Benita xoxo
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In loving memory of Annette - a beautiful friend to so many.
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