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Active Deaf Kids (ADK) encourages deaf and hard of hearing school children to be active. Whether it's learning to play a new sport or making new friends, the ADK program is empowering deaf and hard of hearing children by providing the opportunity to get out, enjoy sport, and gain the health and social benefits that can be achieved with an active lifestyle.

About the Active Deaf Kids program

The ADK program was established in 2011 by Deaf Sports Australia, thenational peak body for deaf sports, that is supported and works with a number of national sporting organisations. Deaf Sports Australia is supported by the Australian Sports Commission.

Champion water polo player Jamie-Lee Lewis, who plays for the Brisbane Barracuda, is the ADK Ambassador. Born profoundly deaf, Jamie-Lee is a bilateral cochlear implant recipient, and her role is to help ADK in its quest to provide deaf and hard of hearing children access to sporting programs.

ADK holds sport workshops and clinics around Australia, helping deaf and hard of hearing school children to feel comfortable in an environment with like-minded friends, role models and people they can identify with and aspire to. Through sport, ADK helps deaf and hard of hearing children learn new skills and build self-confidence, as well as support a balanced, healthy, lifestyle.

Active Deaf Kids is helping break the cycle by establishing programs and healthy lifestyle habits that deaf and hard of hearing children can carry through their 20s, 30s and beyond. The program educates the children as well as their teachers, parents, coaches and people all around them about the importance of participating in sport for life.

Every dollar of every donation we receive helps deaf and hard of hearing children participate in sport.

Please join us in funding sport participation that really matters. Thank you for your support.

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