Depression Support Network Toowoomba Inc

Stomp on stigma and stamp out suicide

If you want to help someone regain their life after a suicide attempt, or cope with their mental illness, help us to help them.  If you want to save lives, help us to help them.  If you want to help people learn about mental health, help us to help them. We can't help them without your help.

Peer Support is proven to help people with mental illness and suicidal thoughts to improve their lives, and aid in their recovery. It reduces hospital admissions in acute mental health units, and reduces the suicides - simply by providing the desparate with someone to talk to.  

We are one of the only drop in centres in Toowoomba that provides peer support, and HOPE.  But we are not funded, and struggle to pay the rent. We will continue though to support people for as long as we can keep the doors open... with your help.

Where the money goes

100% Operating costs.

There are no wages to pay as we are all volunteers.

  • Rent = $700 a month
  • Insurance = $250 a month
  • Electricity = $100 approx a month
  • Phone = $40 a month
  • Internet = $60 a month
  • Groceries = $100 a month (we provide coffee etc)
  • Miscallaneous = $50 a month

All the money goes to providing peer support to those who need it.  And without funding, we need the generosity of our community like you.

Contact Details

PO Box 3418

Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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