Devil Island Project

Building a future for Tasmanian devils

Devil Island Project is committed to saving the endangered Tasmanian Devil by building large free-range enclosures that are called "Devil Islands" and our two new schemes "The Great Devil Walls of Tasmania" (GDWOT).

These double fenced facilities quarantine the Devils in their natural surroundings of their home State of Tasmania as an almost self-sustaining population and have kept them free and safe from the Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) cancer which is rapidly wiping out their species throughout Tasmania.

Our next project aims to build a 34 km barrier to urgently fence off approx 600 healthy devils in far northwest Tasmania before the disease reaches the region and a 5km barrier at the Freychinet National Park where we will collect all devils, quaranteen them in one of our other Devil Islands until such time as we know whether they have the disease and then all the healthy devils will be placed back in the National Park safe and secure from the disease. These two schemes are what constitutes "The Great Devil Walls of Tasmania" (GDWOT) projects.

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