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Annual appeal 2016

Diaspora Action Australia

Migrants and refugees making a difference

Migrant and refugee-led organisations are the unsung heroes on the international development stage. They strive to advance human rights, fight poverty, encourage economic development and build peace. Yet they are often overlooked by funders and policymakers.

Diaspora Action Australia (DAA) is the only organisation in Australia supporting migrant and refugee communities who are creating positive change in a tumultuous world. It's a big ambition, but it's one that's inspired hundreds of people over the years.

We are proud to provide migrant and refugee organisations with resources, information and training; facilitate dialogue and shared learning; build networks; and amplify their voices locally, nationally and internationally.
A monthly donation of $20 will make an extraordinary difference to a small organisation like us: in just one year your support could have helped a diaspora partner build a website, write letters to an Member of Parliament, plan a human rights campaign or organise an event.
If you are not in a position to contribute to us monthly, please consider a single donation of $50, or an amount that suits you. A single gift of $50 could partially fund a customised workshop allowing diaspora organisations to build skills, such as in social media, advocacy, human rights campaigning, or implementing projects overseas.

Whatever contribution you are able to make today, we thank you for all your support of Diaspora Action Australia. This organisation has grown because of people like you, who have seen the remarkable energy and potential of migrant and refugee communities in Australia to create positive change here and internationally.

As one member of the Ogaden community said: "Nothing is impossible when we have you around."

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