dNet - People Like Us (formerly depressioNet)

Depression, Anxiety & other mood disorders

dNet provides a 24 hour online resource for Information, Help & Peer Support for Australians living with depression.

Founded in June 2000 dNet was the first national community organisation in Australia to focus soley on the needs of 'people like us' - real people in the community who live with depression.

Our peer support online community has provided the much needed ability to communicate with others who live with depression, anonymously and 24 hours a day. It provides access to the encouragement, support, suggestions and most importantly, an empathetic ear, that we all need along our journey to revovery.

Our Help In Your Area (HIYA) provides personalised help to locate and access the professional resources and self help tools that exist, yet can be so difficult to find when depression, anxiety and other mood disorders have us in their grip.

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0412 160 068
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