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Dear Eat Well Tasmania Supporter,

At Eat Well Tasmania Inc. is a not for profit organisation and has been a main driver in nutrition promotion, in the not for profit sector across Tasmania for over fifteen years. During this time Eat Well Tasmania Inc has worked collaboratively to:
  • Grow the community garden network in Tasmania from 30 to 120 gardens (food gardens) and developed educational resources and practical assistance with community garden establishment
  • Support healthy eating and nutrition promotion in Tasmanian education settings
  • Encourage Tasmanians to support Tasmanian growers by buying fresh seasonal and local produce
  • Contribute to food security in Tasmania
  • Advocate for investment in preventative health in Tasmania, through various advocacy coalitions
  • Drive the 'Healthier Vending' Movement in Tasmania-resulting in increased access to healthier foods in hospitals and workplace settings
  • Enable Tasmanians to gain skills and knowledge around healthy eating and cooking, through the Community Cooking Demonstrator program (including Veterans)
  • Help break social isolation among elderly people through the 'Eating With Friends Program'
  • Generate professional development opportunities for those working in nutrition and health promotion in Tasmania
Eat Well Tasmania Inc has recently been granted tax deductible status as an opportunity to raise more funds to assist our work.

By making a tax-deductible donation to Eat Well Tasmania Inc you will be:
  • Supporting nutrition promotion in Tasmania and helping to contribute to the reduction of dietary related health problems such as cardio vascular disease (heart), diabetes, obesity and some cancers.
  • Helping us raise awareness of the benefits and importance of buying fresh local produce, to individuals and families, communities, our food industry and the Tasmanian economy.
As a not for profit organisation, Eat Well Tasmania appreciates the support of people across the Tasmanian community to help fund campaigns and the development of nutrition promotion and educational resources, your donation is appreciated.
  1. $25 could help us continue to develop and distribute nutrition promotion information and resources
  2. $50 could assist with the development of a 'What's in Season Phone App', allowing easy access to vegetables and fruit in with season and selection, storage and preparation tips;
  3. $100 could help us run a viral social media campaign around to
    • the health benefits of fruit and vegetables
    • easy ways to get fruit and vegetables into your day
    • why buy locally?
    • link consumers back to growers
  4. $250 could contribute to the development and delivery of education resource packages for:
    • Community workers‐ (train the trainer package)
    • Food industry retailers and staff
  5. $500 could help us establish and deliver:
    • 'hands on' education workshops around fruit and vegetable identification, storage and use and;
    • the development of a supermarket tour and information package around local produce for food
Please donate today and help pave the way for healthier happier Tasmanians. Any donation will include your membership with Eat Well Tasmania to the 30th June,

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