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Human Rights are Aussie Rules

Human Rights are Aussie Rules is an education project using principles of fair play to teach children and young people about human rights. We believe that by comparing the rules of fair play in life to the rules on the sports field, concepts of equality, human dignity and justice become very easy to relate to, rather than just abstract ideas. An understanding of human rights strengthens communities, particularly where the cultural, racial and religious background of people is diverse. It also aims to reduce the incidence of racial, religious and cultural bullying and intolerance at schools.

How will the funds be used?

The Project offers an education package to schools including Fred's Fair Play (a theatre-in-education performance), a classroom workshop and post-workshop curriculum resources. The funds will develop this package further and enable the program in additional schools. Trust and some government funding already received will enable the program to be offered in eight primary schools in Melbourne's east.

Key Areas of Expenditure

Additional schools to receive the program
Develop and publish education resources to support the program, including online
Expand and develop program into secondary schools

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.