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We work with communities across Australia to defend the environment through law. We are a highly professional multi-disciplinary legal service. As a non-profit, non-government organisation, EDOs of Australia relies on community support to help fund our programs and services. You can make a real difference to the environment by making a generous donation today.

Your support is vital to ensuring that people have access to environmental justice.

Each office is part of the National Association of Community Legal Centres. We employ professional lawyers to ensure the best possible environmental legal services to the community across Australia. EDOs have existed in the Australian legal landscape, providing vital legal services, for over 30 years.  In 2013, Federal funding, was abruptly terminated, ending nearly 20 years of bipartisan support for these community legal services. In the absence of government support, it is vital that EDOs of Australia maintains the strength of its financial base through a diversity of sources, and especially private funding.

EDOs of Australia is a critical partner of government (the legislature, executive and judiciary) in achieving a sustainable environment, empowering the community and upholding the rule of law. There is no other organisation in the Country that achieves the breadth and depth of this work for Australians than EDOs.

The work of skilled and experienced EDO staff improves access to environmental justice to thousands of Australians every year through:

  • Holding environmental decision-makers and proponents to account where environmental laws are breached;
  • Empowering communities through community workshops and producing easy to understand guides to environmental laws, to enable participation in environmental management and decisions;
  • Providing free or low cost legal advice and representation in courts in public interest environmental litigation; and
  • Providing expert input to government and non-government enforcement and law reform programs that are designed to protect the environment and our natural resources.

There is a particular demand for EDO services in rural and remote communities, where access to justice is uniquely compromised. Our work assists Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land owners concerned about the destruction of their cultural heritage or whose health has been affected by contaminated water supplies, families affected by air pollution resulting from open-cut mining and farmers whose livelihoods are threatened by the many complicated issues resulting from the impacts of resource extraction projects. We are often the only service in Australia that can provide the impartial expert advice and assistance such members of the Australian community need and deserve.

EDOs are an integral part of providing access to justice in Australia on environmental matters. The costs of accessing environmental legal services from the private profession in Australia are prohibitive to the community.

If we hadn't found EDO, we couldn't have done it. The courts are a foreign place and speak a foreign language.

  • John Greacen, Semi-retired grazier, opposing a proposed feedlot on the Condamine floodplain, Central Queensland

Small communities such as ours do not have the knowledge or necessary resources to buy in the expertise to achieve an even playing field with well funded, well-connected and powerful developers. EDO has provided access to justice for our community and has held decision-makers to account.

  • Suzanne Whyte, Catherine Hill Bay Progress Association, NSW

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