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Eating Disorders Victoria

Eating Disorders Victoria 2021 Tax Appeal


Eating disorders don't discriminate. You can't tell if someone is experiencing an eating disorder just by looking at them, which includes their gender. 

Research indicates that over one third of people experiencing an eating disorder are men. Many experts believe that this number could be even higher, as the stigma surrounding eating disorders in men prevent many from seeking help. The consequences for men and boys with eating disorders can be just as serious, causing severe psychological and physical distress.

The Francic-Ward family sadly know just how serious an eating disorder can be. In 2019, they lost their son and brother Dane after a six year battle with anorexia nervosa. 

This tax time, please donate to Eating Disorders Victoria's campaign to support more men and boys, like Dane, with eating disorders. 

"When we look back on Dane’s illness, there are so many “what ifs” but my family and I know we did the best we could for what we knew at the time. Knowing what we do now, of course more could’ve been done, and earlier. Because ED patients often feel ashamed and embarrassed about their illness, it results in them and their loved ones feeling isolated and alienated when dealing with the frightening eating disorder struggles of everyday living." - India Francic

Dane's story serves as a powerful reminder that eating disorders in men and boys must be taken seriously, and early. Dane's family are now passionate advocates, and draw on their experience to spread the word about eating disorders.

With your help, we can:

  • An online recovery course specifically for men with eating disorders, available through our new e-learning platform
  • A men’s only online support group
  • An online education program for community professionals (teachers, sporting coaches, youth workers and alike) that supports early intervention for boys and young men at risk of eating disorders

Eating disorders in men and boys are treatable, and with the right help full recovery is possible, as Ben describes.

"My social life has improved considerably in conjunction with my weight gain. I have more energy than before, and more interest in going out and socialising. I am catching up with people I have literally not seen for years. My productivity at work is increasing. I am more flexible with my eating patterns. I am getting back into the dating scene. Life is improving, and I look better, feel better, and have hope for the future where previously there was none." - Ben

Help us to ensure more guys are getting the help and support they need before it's too late. Donate today.

As part of their commitment to raising awareness about men and eating disorders, the Francic-Ward family have helped to facilitate an advertising campaign on a Melbourne train from May - July 2021. You may see it running along the Hurstbridge and Glen Waverley lines. If you do see the train, please capture a photo and share on social media using the #MakeDaneProud and tagging @eatingdisordersvictoria. We also sincerly thank Metro for their support of this campaign. 


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