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Eastern Domestic Violence Service

Family Violence Pet Safety Program


A loved pet is a very powerful tool often used by perpetrators of family violence to threaten, bully and stop women and children from leaving their home. 

In many cases, women feel they need to stay in abusive relationships because they're worried about pet, or don't know how to find alternative, affordable care for their pets.

This can place women, children and their pets at further risk of harm.

The EDVOS Pet Safety program will focus on risk assessment and safety planning for animals. This can help women to be better able to make choices and decisions for hemselves and their children.

Our program is unfunded and needs support to assist with

  • Payment for accommodation in animal shelters
  • Payment of vet fees for health and welfare checks on pets
  • Payment for pet / animal food, training and equipment

Once their pets are safe and secure in appropriate accommodation women are often then are able to focus on their own needs and those of their children.

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