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Elizabeth Evatt Community Legal Centre

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Elizabeth Evatt Community Legal Centre is the only free legal service between Penrith and Orange. Each week our lawyers travel to Lithgow and Bathurst providing free legal advice and assistance to those in need.

Left unresolved legal problems can be devastating, leading to homelessness, unemployment, serious debt, relationship breakdowns and illness affecting not just our clients but also their children and families.In addition to providing legal advice and casework we support our community through community education and advocating for change.

Legal problems can happen to anyone. Australians believe in a 'fair go' - what we do helps people on low incomes who are disadvantaged by their socio-economic status. By providing timely and professional legal advice we aim to give people the support and confidence to deal with issues and prevent problems from escalating.

You can be part of the solution!

Making the world a better place starts with your local community, so please act and support this vital service to vulnerable people in your neighbourhood.

Here are some of the ways that your donation will make a real difference:

  • $50 a month: provides one hour of support and advice to help a woman and her children escape domestic violence and keep her rental property
  • $100 a month: legal advice and representation for a person with a disability whose employment has been unlawfully terminated
  • $500 a month: allows us to assist 10 homeless people with unpaid fines.
  • $1,000: allows us to run a community education session to empower clients and community workers to advocate on their own behalf and negotiate reasonable outcomes.

Thank you for helping change lives! 

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.