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Emergency Food Relief Program-Refrigerated container needed


Further Hope Community Support is an Australian public company registered as the charity and public benevolent institution whose aim is to restore hope for disadvantaged in the society. This includes the orphans, the poor and other people who require various special needs.

The company achieves this by providing a range of supports to this kind of people, to ensure that they lead a meaningful life and achieve their dreams as well.

 The concern of the company is not only targeting the residents in Australia, but also other people in need from different countries. Burundi specifically is a country which is being faced with war and climate change, therefore there is a need to help people in the region by making the contribution to purchase the refrigerator container and send it to them in Cibitoke. 

The refrigerated container is needed since Further Hope started an Emergency Food Relief Program (EFR) in the region there is insufficient cool rooms and stokes which are needed to store food contributed by the well-wishers to support the disadvantaged in Burundi. For that reason, a lot of foodstuffs go to waste, due to the lack of good storage facilities. It would, therefore, be important to purchase the container so that the food required by the program can be well preserved and serve those in need for a longer period of time.

The money that will be contributed will be of great help since it will be used to Purchase the refrigerator container and install the shelves. The remaining cash will also be used in the transportation of the refrigerator to Citiboke so that people in the region can start to benefit as soon as possible.

We as Further Hope it is our role to try all we can in ensuring that the most vulnerable children in the society get food, as well as the poor who cannot afford to provide the basic need for themselves.

It will be our pleasure if everyone makes a decision of supporting the company, by sending their contribution so that we can save the lives of other people who are in need. This is one way of cultivating the seed of hope and love in the society, by supporting the needy. We will be grateful for your contribution.


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