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The Estuary Care Foundation was established in 2016 and is making great progress in promoting the ecology and restoration of the Port River and Barker Inlet Estuary. A key focus is the potential of nature-based solutions for protecting shorelines, in response to climate change. The Foundation is volunteer-led and volunteers are engaged in our projects.

The Foundation has won several small grants for proof-of-concept trials, for shellfish restoration and seagrass restoration, and received some financial support for public meetings with national and international speakers.

The Foundation is ambitious to engage with the community through events, arts, schools, research and engaging information. The Foundation also has some annual operating costs to meet including insurances and web hosting. 

While most of our project income is via grants, there are very limited sources of funds for operating costs.

This General Appeal will direct funds to community engagement and operating costs.

Specific appeals may be established for trials of shellfish reef restoration, seagrass restoration and Living Shorelines.


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