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Experimenta Media Arts - A Drone Opera by Matthew Sleeth

Experimenta is Australia's leading arts organisation dedicated to the production, presentation and promotion of Australian and international artists experimenting with media art and its related contexts. Experimenta operates at the intersection of creativity, art and technology, a rich forum for contemporary dialogue: an incubator for experimentation, creation and thought around the role of technology in our lives.

In 2015 Experimenta needs your support to help launch A Drone Opera by artist Matthew Sleeth.

A Drone Opera viscerally explores the rapidly developing technology of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), colloquially known as drones, and their social and cultural impact. Artist Matthew Sleeth directs an experimental multimedia performance featuring drones, their pilots and opera singers, combined with a new sound score, laser light design and moving image.

Sleeth's largest work to date, A Drone Opera also features an inspiring line-up of collaborators, including experimental artists Kate Richards, Robin Fox, Phil Samartzis and Susan Frykberg, lighting designer Bosco Shaw and choreographer Shelley Lasica.

Matthew Sleeth has designed, built and programmed customised drones specifically for the performance context. Your contribution will help see Matthew's visionary Drone Opera come to life this September at the Meat Market, Melbourne.

A Drone Opera is Presented by Arts House and Experimenta: 9 - 13 September 2015

Arts House at Meat Market,

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